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Tranquil Tianchi Lake in Changbai Mountain, with its mesmerizing blue-green water reflecting the surrounding beauty-500
Under the blue sky and white clouds, the Potala Palace looks more majestic-500

Uncover China’s wonders with our expert travel guide. Explore diverse landscapes, follow curated guides, and roam freely through vibrant cultures. Your gateway to China’s enchanting treasures.

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Majestic Huangshan Mountain at sunrise, adorned with clouds, revealing its breathtaking peak-500
The five-flower sea in Jiuzhaigou can show the colors such as goose yellow, dark green, deep blue and navy blue-500

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Step into an immersive journey with our travel guide, where we personally navigate you through China’s wonders. Uncover hidden gems, savor diverse cuisines, and experience different travel types. Let our travel tips be your companion as you dive into the heart of Chinese culture.

A man is skiing at a ski resort


Xinjiang Ancient Ecological Park, snow-capped mountains in the distance and grasslands near by-500

Things To Do

A woman jumps happily facing the valley

Travel Types

Peking roast duck is usually eaten with shredded green onions, cucumber slices and sweet noodle sauce - 500

Food & Drink

A man is pouring black tea into a cup with a teapot

Chinese Culture

A man holding a compass in his hand, ready for adventure

Travel Tips

About Roaming China

Embark on a journey with Roaming China, where we blend travel expertise with a personal touch. Discover China’s diverse wonders, from enchanting destinations to delightful cuisines, all guided by our passion for authentic exploration and cultural immersion.

Moon Bay winds its way through the river valley, with calm waters that reflect like a mirror-300
Zhujiajiao Ancient Town is a typical water town in the China’s Jiangnan region
Karamay Devil City is characterized by its unique Yardang landforms formed by wind and rain erosion-300
Kanerjing Folk Park is a themed attraction showcasing the culture of Kanerjing - 300

Where Do You Want to Go?

Explore China’s top destinations with us. From Beijing’s imperial splendor to the vibrant energy of Shanghai, each city offers a unique experience. Where will your journey begin?

The Palace Museum in Beijing-150


Imperial & Modern Marvels

The Oriental Pearl Tower faces The Bund across the river at sunset - 150


Cosmopolitan Energy

Chongqing Bridge is particularly attractive under the colorful lights - 150


Mountain City Adventures

The cute panda looks at you on the stake - 150


Pandas & Spice

The beautiful scenery along the Qinhuai River of Confucius Temple in Nanjing - 150


Ancient & Modern Charm



History Unearthed

A small boat was sailing on the Li River - 150


Karst Beauty

There is a small village near the beach in Qingdao - 150


Seaside Bliss

Potala Palace seen from the hill - 150


Spiritual Tranquility

Castles carved out of ice - 150


Winter Wonderland

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The Forbidden City is covered with a layer of white snow, which is a different scenery.
Lop Nor is also known as the Sea of Death
Sayram Lake is the highest and largest alpine lake in Xinjiang, known for its stunning beauty
On the endless green hills is the endless Great Wall
Green tea grows all over the mountains
sunset of the vast expanse of grassland, Jiuqushibawan (Nine Bends and Eighteen Curves)
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